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Why Collect
Used Cooking Oil?

Cooking oil, after being used three times turns harmful to us, causing heart diseases and cancer. According to safety standards, cooking oil used in the F&B and food processing industries should be discarded after the three-use limit.

This, however, wastes resources and can cause environmental pollution. Evergreen Biofuels’s solution to this problem is the safe and clean collection and processing of this used cooking oil. We collect and recycle this resource for use in environmentally friendly endeavours like biofuel production, allowing all of us to do our part in keeping our environment green. 

How Our Process Works

Guided by years of experience, our standard operating procedure ensures 
peak efficiency and quick turnaround.

Enquiry Collection

By using the new integrated system, vendor able to request the used cooking oil collection by using the mobile app. Once after received the enquiry evergreenbiofuel will send out the local collection team.

Collection Confirmation

After the collection both vendor and evergreenbiofuel team able to use the system to cross check the collection volume and confirmation email will be deliver straight to the HQ.

Collection Point

Collection team will send used cooking oils back to the collection points. With there it begin with an oil filtration process, helps to filter out the moisture and sludge. We’ll be collecting the cooking oil sample for overseas basic audit requirement.


The used cooking oil volume into certain level then it will be delivered
to our main tank farm at Johor Senai and Bukit Kapar Selanor
by our own logistic tanker team. The used cooking oil
pending to be audited by ISCC certify our products origin by EU ISCC then it will be export to EU Biofuel industries


Used cooking oil is used to produce environmentally friendly biofuel


Why Biofuels?

As the world increasingly champions sustainability, fossil fuels are being replaced with the renewable energy of biofuels, with global leaders like the EU seeing more and more biofuel usage under the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive, especially in the transportation sector.

New energy

Biofuels are considered renewable energy.

Vechicle field

Biodiesel (B20) can used in diesel vehicles without any engine modifications.

Eco friendly

Biofuels reduce carbon and sulfur emissions. It can reduce tailpipe pollution& biodegradable.

Licenses & Certification

Equipment & Storage

  • In addition to our fleet of vehicles, we use the best quality storage for the used cooking oil we collect, ensuring our environmental effect is kept as close to zero as possible. 

  • PVC Container –  51kg
  • Small PVC Drum Container – 53kg
  • Big PVC Drum Container – 140kg
  • Metal Drum Container – 195kg
  • IBC Tank –  930kg

Our Vendors

Evergreen Biofuels’s ever-growing list of partners includes renowned Malaysian brands and
multinational corporations. Every new addition is another responsible corporation that has chosen
to do their part to protect our planet’s natural resources.