At Evergreen Biofuels, we are committed to ensuring no natural resource goes to waste. For over two decades, our team has minimised environmental pollution and wastage, helping our vendors collect used cooking oil (UCO) and renewing it into eco-friendly biofuels.

Who we are


Evergreen Biofuels aims to protect our natural environment by conserving
its resources, collecting and recycling used cooking oil (UCO) from a wide variety of vendors. By doing so, we minimise wastage and environmental pollution.

Why Biofuel

As the world increasingly champions sustainability, fossil fuels are being replaced with the renewable energy of biofuels, with global leaders like the EU seeing more and more biofuel usage under the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive, especially in the transportation sector.

Biofuels like biodiesel produce lower carbon emissions and can fully substitute petroleum-based fuels like kerosene and diesel, preventing the increase of greenhouse gases and combating global warming.

Evergreen Biofuels’ expertise in UCO-based biofuel ensures it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly to produce compared to alternatives like rapeseed oil-derived biodiesel.